Energy Insole

Dr. med. Walter Mauch, who also was an academic at the German School of Acupuncture, has proven that there are three important control centres in the foot:

  • It contains a second heart pump. In the foot the blood is switched from arterial to venous.
  • It contains a reactive, sensory changeover facility where a changeover from motoric to sensible impulses occurs.
  • It is the energetic control centre from Yang energy to Yin energy.

The energy cycle, which is superior to all vital functions, exerts essential influence on all vegetatively reactive control circuits and the organ system in the body.

By means of this insole the energy flow of the organism is activated analogously to the reflex-zones.

We exact influence on the fact that the skin with its sensitive sensors tenses over the connective tissue sole plate. Balanced tenseness means less erratic behaviour. The Energy Insole is effective on the head, chest and the pelvis base via the reflex and lymph systems and via the feet sole plate on all control circuits of the reflex-zones.

The Energy Insole controls, stabilizes and activates the energy cycle of the whole body’s functioning. It guards against an energy decline.

It exerts compensational influence on the changeover facilities of the feet and all organism´ disorders.

The Energy Insole can be worn the whole day.

Researches show that the most important changeover facility is situated in the foot. It works like a power station.

This power station, which directs the energy flow by means of the energy channels, is bound to a circadian rhythm.

The whole body with all inner organs is flooded with energy within this rhythm.